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Easy Farming Techniques at Home

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Farming practices or gardening around the house can not only provide us with free time, but also provide a sense of calm while enjoying the benefits of harvesting crops. The reasons for 'non-green hands' or 'hot hands' can no longer be adopted in a modern world that is so easy to access information from the internet. The easiest way is to simply buy a tree at the nursery. But, when you personally educate your seedlings from small to fruitful, your love affection for the plant will germinate by itself!

Have you ever thought that self-cultivation techniques can actually be a very exciting activity? In addition to the practices commonly known by the audience such as seed nursery or stem cuttings, many other simple and attractive farming techniques to apply in your own garden or garden. In fact, you are actually able to transform the plant without involving genetic modification in the research laboratory.

Nursery and breeding methods through seeds usually require a long period of time, requiring cleaner care, slow to mature and growing, and more susceptible to disease attacks. These are the things that cause new people with gardening activities as a hobby to be bored and despairing.

Some of the techniques that can evade the problem are through a breeding technique in a cantaloupe, where some of the stem trees pass on a mature tree (stem tree). The advantage of using this technique is that the plants are easier to breed, the trees have grown strong and can produce results more quickly.

There are three grafting methods, namely eye shoots, wedge merchants and sanding rings. For eye grafting techniques, the shoots of the stem from the stem are attached to the stalks of stumps. In the wedge attachment, the root of the root of the root is cut in the form of V, which is inserted into the stem which has been halved approximately 2-3 cm. The shoots are covered with transparent plastic to maintain moisture.

The sanding method allows for a cross between a tree containing different genes, or even known as a tree. Through this technique, two trunks of maturity and similar size cut a portion of the stem, were found in the tissue section of the kambium and attached. The result of this listing will bring two different genetic variations.

Have you ever been through a situation where crop yields, especially those that are sown through the seed method are not similar to the quality of the parent product? This may be due to two factors, the pollination factor or seed germination technology factor for commercial purposes where the good quality inherent in the stem is not inherited to seedlings.

This possibility can be solved by tut / tot method (marcotting). Through this technique, two 3-5 cm long surfaces are made around mature tree trunks, and the kambium tissue is erased between the two spots. The clumps of the soil are clenched on the streaks that have been rubbed with the root booster hormone, before packed neatly with plastic and tied to both ends. After the new roots grow, the stems can be trimmed and ready for further growth.

To get a clearer description and picture details for each of the techniques mentioned above, you can search the internet network. These agricultural techniques are not only easy to do, but the items needed are very easy to find without spending much money. Take a good look at the ground, the result will definitely please you!

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