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Higher bioavailable protein fish feed with immunostimulant made from non-dependent imported ingredients

  • A more sustainable way of manufacturing animal feeds is required to reduce the increasing cost of animal feeds. THOHIRA is high protein fish feed products formulated using Universiti Putra Malaysia patented renewable ingredients. It contained no imported ingredients and are available throughout the year at stable price.
  • The emergence of antibiotic resistance bacteria has led to the worldwide banned of antibiotics in animal feeds. THOHIRA is designed for farmers that want to reduce the use of antibiotics in the farms. It contained IMMUNOSTIMULANTS that helps strengthen the immune system of the fingerlings against stress and disease, and enhance their growth performance.
  • THOHIRA is specially designed to give the best possible start to early stage animals. The products are suitable for fish hatchery with a vision to supply top quality and healthy fingerlings to the customers. It is an excellent choice for farmers to grow healthy animals at economic and sustainable cost.


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The first Malaysian proposal for the commercial production of enzymes. The first product will be Lipase enzyme which has application for many different Malaysian industries (detergent, food, etc.)

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DANIO ASSAY KIT: Rapid Zebrafish Embryo Toxicity Test Kit Cheap, dynamic and robust animal model for toxicological screening tests



REMEDII Natural Solution for your Skin

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