Fakulti Bioteknologi dan Sains Biomolekul (BioTech UPM) telah ditubuhkan pada 1 Ogos 2004 yang menggabungkan dua buah jabatan iaitu Jabatan Bioteknologi di Fakulti Sains Makanan dan Bioteknologi dan Jabatan Biokimia dan Mikrobiologi di Fakulti Sains dan Pengajian Alam Sekitar. Dengan tertubuhnya BioTech UPM, semua aktiviti yang melibatkan bioteknologi di UPM dapat diselaraskan dibawah satu pentadbiran. Sejak ditubuhkan, BioTech UPM mengandungi empat buah jabatan yang terdiri daripada :

  1. Jabatan Teknologi Bioproses
  2. Jabatan Biologi Sel dan Molekul
  3. Jabatan Biokimia
  4. Jabatan Mikrobiologi

Fakulti menawarkan empat program akademik pada peringkat Prasiswazah iaitu :

  1. Bacelor Sains Bioteknologi dengan Kepujian
  2. Bacelor Sains Biokimia dengan Kepujian
  3. Bacelor Sains Mikrobiologi dengan Kepujian
  4. Bacelor Sains Biologi Sel dan Molekul dengan Kepujian.

Bagi pengajian peringkat Siswazah, Fakulti menawarkan program Master Sains (MS) dan Doktor Falsafah (PhD). Bidang-bidang kajian yang ditawarkan adalah Bioteknologi Sel Haiwan, Biokimia, Bioinformatik dan Biologi Sistem, Bioteknologi Alam Sekitar, Bioteknologi Enzim dan Makanan, Kejuruteraan Genetik dan Biologi Molekul, Bioteknologi Industri, Bioteknologi Mikrob, Mikrobiologi, Nanobioteknologi, Bioteknologi Tumbuhan dan Biologi Struktur.


Setiap jabatan menawarkan kursus teras dan elektif sebagai program pengajian jabatan masing-masing. Selain dari pengajaran, pegawai akademik juga terlibat di dalam penyelidikan, perkhidmatan pengenbangan dan perundingan. Walaupun BioTech UPM merupakan fakulti yang baru, semua pegawai akademik adalah berpengalaman dan mempunyai kemahiran teknikal yang luas dalam bidang kepakaran masing-masing yang melibatkan bidang Bioteknologi.  Fakulti mempunyai seramai 70 orang staf Kumpulan Pengurusan & Profesional Akademik merangkumi 11 orang Profesor, 15 orang Profesor Madya, 40 orang Pensyarah Kanan dan 4 orang Tutor.



Fakulti ini dilengkapi dengan pelbagai kemudahan pembelajaran, penyelidikan dan khidmat profesional yang lengkap dan terkini seperti :

  1. Dewan Kuliah
  2. Bilik Kuliah
  3. Bilik Komputer
  4. Ruang Belajar
  5. Makmal Pengajaran
  6. Makmal Penyelidikan
  7. Bilik Seminar
  8. Bilik Tutorial
  9. Bilik Perbincangan
  10. Bilik Persatuan Pelajar
  11. Bilik Mesyuarat
  12. Kemudahan Internat/Wifi
  13. Surau
  14. Kafeteria


Fakulti juga sangat aktif dalam menjalinkan hubungan kerjasama bersama universiti-universti antarabangsa bagi memperluaskankan lagi kerjasama dalam perkembangan akademik dan penyelidikan, antara Universiti yang terlibat adalah :

  1. Nara Institute of Science and Technology
  2. Okayama University
  3. Funtional Food Creation Research Institute Co. Ltd.
  4. Kyushu Institute of Technology
  5. Tropbio Research Sdn. Bhd.
  6. Thamar University
  7. The Chancellor Master and Scholars of The University of Oxford
  8. Chulalongkorn University
  9. Thailand Institute of Science and Technological Research (TISTR)


Program akademik fakulti mendapat pengiktirafan ISO 9001:2008 dan telah diberikan status swaakreditasi oleh Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia. Program-program ini dinilai setiap tahun oleh penilai luaran bebas daripada institusi terkemuka luar negara dan juga disemak setiap 5 tahun bagi menambahbaik kualiti program yang dismpaikan

 Syarat Kemasukan | Program Pengajian | Yuran Pengajian | Kalendar Akademik.

Bidang Pengajian | Syarat Kemasukan | Yuran Pengajian | Kalender Akademik | Panduan Permohonan | Makluman


Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) gives priority to the students’ essentials and their well-being especially among current students who are studying in UPM. Hence, UPM ensures that it provides an array of technology equipment and facilities in order to guarantee that the students’ welfare is well taken care of. In line with that, various programs and non-academic related activities are carried out so as to provide a conducive environment where students can appreciate quality leisure times and subsequently creating balance between academic achievement, soft skills and sustainable living.  

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The staff of Universiti Putra Malaysia is committed towards excellence through the adoption of a culture of quality in teaching and learning, research and support services to meet the goals of the university’s strategic plan.

Dear Colleagues of Partner Universities:

Greetings from International Office.

We are pleased to announce that application for the Student Exchange Program at Niigata University 2019 Spring Semester is now open.

Application must be submitted by postal mail by May 31, 2019.
Attached please find an official letter for this announcement.

Guidelines and forms may be downloaded at the following website.

Please be reminded that the photos for visa application should be sized 4cm X 3cm.
Application is rejected by Immigration Bureau if the photo size is not suitable.

Also, graduate students need to apply for each graduate school directly.

If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Best regards,

Tomomi TAMURA (MS)
Program Coordinator
International Office
Niigata University


Dear partners,


I’m pleased to inform you that office of international affairs at Chonnam National University has received a nomination list from each partner university by April 30th, Tuesday.

Please fill out the attached nomination file for CNU exchange student program Fall semester in 2019 and send me through email.


Always thanks for your cooperation.

Best regards,

Dear Partners,

Greetings from Kagoshima University!
Here we send our application set for student exchange commencing
in 2019 Fall Semester.

*Form A, B, C, D
*Outline of Exchange

If you have students who are interested in studying in Kagoshima,
please forward these documents to them.

*Submission deadline is May 1, 2019
*Admission result will be announced to the home university in the early
*The number of applicants must not exceed the number designated on our
academic agreement.

It will be our great pleasure to receive applications by your students.

Best regards,

Rieko HAYASHI(Ms.)
International Student Office
Kagoshima University
Phone : 81-99-285-7325
Fax : 81-99-285-7083
E-mail :


Dear Esteemed Partner,


Greetings from Prince of Songkla University (PSU), Thailand!


Through this email, we are happy to inform you that PSU will conduct the 2nd Authentic Thai Camp in August this year, thanks to the successful 1st program held last year. In August 2018 we had 24 excellent students from two universities in Japan and two universities in China joining our great summer program together with 8 wonderful Thai students as their buddies.


Therefore, we are pleased to invite students from your respected university to participate in the PSU Authentic Thai Camp 2019, which will take place from August 18 - 31, 2019 (arrival day Sunday, 18 August, and departure day Saturday, 31 August). There will be 14 amazing days in the “Land of Smiles” for all participants, full of cultural discoveries: Thai language, Thai cooking, Thai boxing, Thai music, Thai dance, Traditional Thai Medicine, field trips and excursions to famous tourist places and more.


PSU is happy to provide big discounts from 10-25% to the participants from your esteemed university, as the discounted rates enclosed herewith. These reduced fees can apply to the Early Bird Rate if payment is completed before 30 April 2019.


Participants from PSU partner universities benefit of discounts only if they are nominated by their university via the attached Application Form. Individual applications are possible, but no discount will apply.


Please be informed that the number of participants is limited and they will be accepted on the basis of “first-come, first-served” and we may close the applications once the seats are fully booked. Therefore, kindly nominate your student as soon as possible, in order to ensure seats for them.


We would really appreciate if students applying are sure that they are able to come during the aforementioned period of time to PSU, in order to not keep booked the seats in disadvantage of other applicants.


For your information, we will provide airport pick-up (arrival) and drop-off (departure) at Hat Yai International Airport.


Please find attached the official Invitation Letter, Camp’s brochure, Tentative Program, Camp’s Details, Discounted Rates and Application Form for your further process.


Should you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for your kind consideration and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Faisol (Mr.)


Mr. Faisol Bin-asan
International Affairs Office
Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai Campus
Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110, THAILAND
Facebook: Interaffairs Psu
Tel +66 (0)74 282254
Fax +66 (0)74 446825
Email: faisol.b@psu.ac.th / psu-international@psu.ac.th

Dear Exchange student program coordinators of our partner universities,
Greetings from Shinshu University, Japan.
This is to notify that Shinshu University Application Guide for 2019 Autumn Inbound Students has been released on our website: 
If your university has any applicants to this program, please send us the required documents (the forms are posted on our website) during the application period, from April 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019. 
Important notice
The rooms of International House are limited, so if all students hope to live there,
there is no guarantee to meet their requests. 
  * Application Package (Cover, Form 1 - Form 4)
  * Academic Transcript
  * 4 photos
  * Copy of Passport 
  * Certificate of Bank Deposit Balance 
  * Copy of Evidence of Language Proficiency
The poster for incoming exchange student can be downloaded from the following link:
The program outline and the voices of the participants can be found from: 
If you need more information or help, please feel free to contact me. 
Thank you for your cooperation in advance. 
Chika Koike(Ms.)
Exchange Program Coordinator (Inbound) 
Shinshu University Global Education Center
3-1-1 Asahi, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-8621, Japan
TEL:(+81)263 37 3360 FAX:(+81)263 37 2181

Dear partner universities,

We are now ready to accept your students in our a tuition-waiver English-medium Summer Program in July 2019. Please refer the following web site.


I would be very pleased if you would forward it to your various international offices so they can alert students. I am looking forward to seeing your students in July!


Hiroshi Niino


Center for International Collaboration
Kochi University 
 2-5-1 Akebono-cho, Kochi 780-8520 JAPAN  

Greetings from Singapore Management University (SMU)!


We would like to invite your undergraduate students and recent graduates to join the SMU Global Summer Programme (GSP) 2019 - Asian Insights (1 to 26 July 2019 in SMU).


The four-week programme will be a rewarding experience for your students to:

ü  Gain new insights and perspectives on trends and developments in Asia from SMU faculty through taking 1 or 2 SMU courses

ü  Engage Asian industry leaders through dialogues, networking sessions and company visits

ü  Learn from, get to know, and build networks and friendships with students from more than 30 countries

ü  Experience culturally rich and diverse Singapore through GSP field trips and socio-cultural activities


We are happy to offer a GSP tuition fee discount of 10% to all your students, should there be 6 or more sign-ups from your university.

Should you wish to promote this programme on your university website, we would be happy to send our website information pack for your use.

Administrative matters

  • We hope you could share our appended eDM below and the attached e-brochure with all your undergraduates and recent graduates.
  • Should you require hardcopies of the GSP brochure, please let us know who we should mail this to and provide us with your mailing address.
  • Please note that in addition to the GSP tuition fee, a separate miscellaneous fee of $217.83 will be applicable for all applicants. This fee would cover local insurance needs of students, matriculation, IT services, usage of SMU facilities and GSP activities for the students.
  • Should you have any queries about the programme, please email us at smusummer@smu.edu.sg.


We sincerely hope to work with you on the above and look forward to receiving and hosting your students at the SMU Global Summer Programme 2019.

Thank you.


Warmest regards

Global Summer Programme Team



Facebook | Instagram | Website

No quotation.

FURTHER INFORMATION: http://etender.upm.edu.my

No job vacancy.

FURTHER INFORMATION: http://spj.upm.edu.my

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